Lee Sibley By Lee Sibley 3 weeks ago

24 stunning images from our 9WERKS road trip to Porscheplatz

Our 2023 pilgrimage back to Porscheplatz brought out top cars and even better people from the 9WERKS Driven Not Hidden Collective. Our picture gallery offers highlights of the 1,500-mile trip…

Annual road trips are fast becoming a staple of the 9WERKS community, perhaps as a result of the mantra – and indeed name – of the 'Driven Not Hidden' Collective.

There have been three road trips for the 9WERKS DNHC to take part in this year: to Wales, to Norway, and lastly, to the Porsche Museum on Porscheplatz.

We had intended to conduct our third road trip in the north of England, but after the Porsche Museum's Iris Haker joined us on 9WERKS Radio to talk about the excellent work of her colleagues, the Collective asked that we point our Porsches in the direction of Stuttgart instead.

9WERKS duly obliged, taking 15 cars and 22 enthusiasts from the UK to Porscheplatz, via some stunning roads in both France and Germany, as part of a 1,500-mile, four-day trip.

Those who attended the 2023 road trip gave their best and funniest anecdotes via our recent podcast, so we decided to provide you with some excellent visuals of the experience too, taken by the talented Ali Cusick. All images are subject to copyright and owned by 9WERKS.

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