Lee Sibley By Lee Sibley 6 days ago

996 Carrera engine mods dyno tested

Your definitive before v after dyno results for the IPD plenum, K&N filter and Helmholtz resonator bypass…

I've always shied away from engine upgrades on my Porsche 996.1 due to the reputation of the M96 engine… I've figured they are best left alone! However, allowing the flat six engine to breathe a little better is a route many owners have gone down – so is it worth it?

To find out, I tested the effectiveness of the popular IPD plenum and K&N panel filter on a rolling road, with before and after readouts to see IF the mods gave more power, and if so, how much! Your definitive answer to this perennial question is here.

With thanks to Mike at Harding Auto Services: https://www.hardingautos.co.uk/