Lee Sibley By Lee Sibley 1 month ago

9WERKS members interview Pinky Lai

The Porsche 996 designer joins 9WERKS members for a virtual roundtable chat to answer your questions in a new interview for 2022

Porsche 996 designer, Pinky Lai, follows up our previous 9WERKS interview with him back in 2020 by agreeing to take questions from owners and enthusiasts of the very car he designed!

The opportunity was afforded to 9WERKS members as part of our 25th anniversary celebrations of the Porsche 996 with a special 'Fried Eggs Anniversary' at Heritage Parts Centre. Members dialled in the evening before our special cars & coffee for a one-hour virtual roundtable chat with Pinky via Zoom, the highlights of which you can see here.

Mr Lai reveals new details about designing the Porsche 996 Carrera, including how it was created alongside the 986 Boxster, how it was initially meant to have a fixed rear wing, how and why Porsche created a facelift Gen2 model, and early design concepts for the famous Fried Egg headlights. This is a privilege to bring you highlights from the chat, and we thank Pinky for taking the time to chat exclusively with 9WERKS members during the 25th anniversary year of the 996!