Lee Sibley By Lee Sibley 1 week ago

Is this the 2023 Porsche 911 ST?

Mule spotted testing at the ‘Ring gives vital clues to potential Motorsport department special 

The much-rumoured Porsche 911 ST took a big step closer to reality today after a mule was spotted at the Nürburgring Nordschleife. 9WERKS spies have captured these first images of the new ST in testing, offering big clues as to what we can expect.

The prototype looks to be based on the 992 GT3 Touring, with noticeable changes including a double-bubble roof, Gurney flap on top of the active rear wing, as well as prettier – and lighter – door handles from a GT3 Cup car. The doors themselves appear to be subtly reprofiled to match a new side aero outlet aft of the front wheels.

9WERKS has received information the new ST will be rear-wheel drive, have the 4.0-litre, 510hp NA flat six from the 992 GT3 as well as its six-speed Motorsport gearbox, and weigh as little as 1,300kg – with 2,000 models to be made. None of this has been confirmed by Porsche.

Some commentators have speculated the ST could be the third Heritage Design creation from Porsche Exclusive behind the Targa and Sport Classic, and at first glance this appears to be supported by the presence of a ‘badge’ appearing on the decklid of this flat-backed prototype. 

However, the ‘badge’ seen in our shots here is on the LEFT side, whereas the badge on the other two Heritage Design cars can be found on the RIGHT.

On top of that, 9WERKS was told last month by Boris Apenbrink, head of Porsche Exclusiv Manufaktur, that none of the Heritage Design cars will feature a Motorsport engine, after we asked the question directly. More information on this can be found in the last minute of our 992 Sport Classic first look video. The department has said it will release four Heritage Design models by the end of 2023, with two still to come – that means any special edition from Andreas Preuninger’s GT department, such as an ST, will be in addition to those.

The original Porsche 911 ST was a lightweight race car designed for racing and hillclimbs. Featuring wide arches but devoid of any rear wing the original Porsche 911 ST is one of the rarest and lightest 911s ever made: just 24 were officially produced from the factory, weighing around 930kg depending on specification.

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