Lee Sibley By Lee Sibley 1 week ago

Making of the Carrera GT, with Tony Hatter

Designer Tony Hatter walks 9WERKS around one of his greatest creations, the Porsche Carrera GT – revealing many new secrets for the first time…

Imagine being given a personal walk-around of your Porsche Carrera GT… by the legendary Tony Hatter, the very man who designed it!

That's exactly what happened to CGT owner and 9WERKS Member, Paul, the morning after last month's 9WERKS Awards at Shorade Accident Repair Centre (Paul's car was on display for the night).

This is a fascinating insight into Porsche's iconic V10 supercar, with Tony Hatter revealed a host of key new details and stories about the car he designed at the turn of the Millennium. Here you can learn about the materials used to build the Carrera GT, why they were chosen, and the problems encountered along the way. You can also learn about the car's design philosophy, the attention to detail that went into creating the Carrera GT, as well as tricks employed to manage heat management of the engine and exhaust. Plus, find out how the Carrera GT was nearly cancelled outright before launch!

Thanks to Paul and Tony for their time, and for taking stage lead for my latest video instalment on 9WERKS TV!

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