Lee Sibley By Lee Sibley 6 months ago

Porsche 959 v 992 Carrera 4S head-to-head

They may be separated by 35 years of Porsche engineering, but the 959 and 992 Carrera 4S have far more in common than you think, as 9WERKS discovers…

For a start, both the 959 and 992 C4S have twin-turbocharged flat six engines producing 450hp, both have active AWD, and both boast technology such as TPM, PASM and chassis lift to name but a few. But that's not all! So just how different are they in the real world? I find out with an in-depth 9WERKS test for 2022!

Thanks to Paul Pressland for his help and assistance in lending the 959 for filming. You can follow him on Instagram @the911goat.