Lee Sibley By Lee Sibley 1 year ago

Porsche's bulletproof 996 concept up close

One-of-one concept car shows the 996 Carrera really can be considered bulletproof!

"IMS" this, "scored bores" thatā€¦ the Porsche 996 might long have suffered from quips about its mechanical shortcomings, but at last we've stumbled across a 996 Carrera that really can be considered bulletproof.

Introducing the one-of-one bulletproof Porsche 911 concept, made by Porsche in the mid-1990s after an approach by a customer to build an armoured car. In this video Lee takes a look around this unique 996 Carrera which survives to this day as part of the Porsche Museum's collection. How has it been armoured? How much does it weigh? And why is this the only drivable bulletproof Porsche 911 in existence?