Lee Sibley By Lee Sibley 3 weeks ago

Should you buy a classic Porsche?

If you're a Millennial, should you buy a classic Porsche that's older than you? 9WERKS takes a 3.2 Speedster for a test drive to study the pros and cons

It's a simple question… should you buy an air-cooled classic Porsche? If you're a Millennial like me, the idea of buying a car older than you might be alien – but there are lots of advantages to classic Porsche ownership to consider. In this video I run through the pros and cons of air-cooled Porsche ownership for those of us who weren't old enough to appreciate them on the road when they were new!

Thanks to the guys at Paragon Porsche for loaning me their exquisite, low-miles 3.2 Carrera Speedster.