Lee Sibley By Lee Sibley 1 month ago

Speedster Clubsport prototype revealed

Introducing the first ever Porsche 911 Speedster – a 1987 'Clubsport' concept from the factory…

It's well documented that Porsche's Speedster concept started with the 356, with the model helping to cement Porsche's reputation in the USA, which went on to be the company's most significant territory for sales. The Speedster moniker returned for Porsche on its 911 with the 3.2 Carrera Speedster, released to mark 25 years of the 911 in 1989. But did you know Porsche actually revealed its first 911 Speedster fully two years before as a radical concept for the 1987 Frankfurt Motor Show?

In this video I show you around this rare factory Speedster prototype and reveal its history, including Porsche's grand plans for the Clubsport prototype and how it was set to become an option for the 911 Speedster program. This is a fascinating look at the very beginning of the 911 Speedster model line, which is still going strong today following subsequent models in the 964, 997, and 991 generations.

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