Lee Sibley By Lee Sibley 2 months ago

The big interview: Grant Larson

Porsche's legendary designer of the 986 Boxster, 997-generation 911, Carrera GT show car and new 935 talks to 9WERKS about his remarkable career

Grant Larson's Porsche career is as long as it is spectacular. Joining Porsche in 1989 from Audi, Larson has contributed significantly to key moments in the company's history, creating the 986 Boxster, before returning the 911 to a traditional aesthetic with the 997-generation. Larson's handiwork helped create the Carrera GT show car, before giving enthusiasts the iconic Sport Classic and new 935 race car.

In this absorbing video filmed at Porsche's secret storage facility, Grant Larson chats to 9WERKS' Lee Sibley about those key moments from his remarkable career which ensures the current Head of Special Projects of his legendary status at the company.

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