Lee Sibley By Lee Sibley 7 months ago

Tony Hatter interview: designing the 993, Carrera GT & GT1

Legendary Porsche 993 designer Tony Hatter discusses his 34 years at the company with Lee Sibley for 9WERKS…

Tony Hatter is the legendary designer of the Porsche 993, Carrera GT and Le Mans-winning GT1 race car. Now retired from official duties, Mr Hatter enjoys a lengthy discussion with 9WERKS TV's Lee Sibley, where he looks back at highlights from his 34-year career at Porsche.

This is an extended video to cover everything Lee and Tony spoke about, from the 959's design influence on the 993, how the 993 evolved 964 design, trialling rear axle steering on the 993, how the Carrera GT project nearly got canned, developing the Carrera GT from prototype to production, plus how the GT1 was designed in quick time, and how the GT1's iconic liveries were put together.

With thanks to Tony Hatter for his time, and the Porsche Museum for facilitating the interview.