Max Newman By Max Newman 1 month ago

WednesdayWant: Porsche 991.1 Carrera 4S

Max Newman ponders the excellence of the 991.1-generation as a key turning point in the Porsche 911's evolution

Whilst researching another piece of work for 9WERKS I was reminded of the incredible write-ups received at launch by the 991 generation Carrera S in the motoring press. “It’s handling hints at greatness,” wrote Greg Kable, before questioning how Porsche could possibly top the Carrera S. Matt Saunders concluded for Autocar that whilst the steering feedback isn’t as dazzling as the 996 and the manual shift quality not as sweet as the 997, “these are trivial issues that don’t enter your head after the 991 has delivered you to the end of a long, high-energy cross-country blast.”  
It’s fashionable to criticise the ever bloating 911 for becoming heavier, wider, more of a GT; but it’s also worth noting that its styling was fashioned to create an impression of it being wider and lower, and the overall dimensions are not greatly different from the 997 which preceded it.

In other respects though, as a ‘clean sheet’ design the 991 represented a significant shift in emphasis for the 911, and should be applauded for its excellence and its capabilities rather than chastised for a perceived lack of character. The inherent 911 character is still there: you simply have the pleasure of driving a bit hard to uncover it. 
The EPAS steering is excellent, with a calmness not present in hydraulically assisted cars that allows you to concentrate on the important messages coming from the road. This is useful because extra 10cm wheelbase, whilst reducing overhangs front and rear to create the most handsome of modern 911s, also imbues the 991 with an ability to devour the road like little else and demand all your attention.

Accuse me of hyperbole if you like but remember that we’re talking about the humble Carrera S not the GT3 and ask yourself when did you last drive one? Or, have you ever actually driven one?
A quick look in the 9Werks classifieds reveals an absolutely stunning 2013 991.1 Carrera 4S with PDK gearbox on the books at Hertfordshire-based marque specialist JZM. Presented in Agate Grey with a black leather interior it comes with the key spec items you’d be looking for – PSE, Sport Chrono Plus, Bose, Sports Steering Wheel with paddles, and PDLS. It also has the stunning Sport Techno wheel option which is enhanced further by Agate Grey detailing. 
Being a C4S it is four wheel drive, which brings with it the wider body and iconic red light strip at the rear, as well as the added security of four driven wheels. It’s a real knockout, and for me PDK is the right gearbox for this car, its broad range of capabilities from sophisticated cruiser to paddle-pulling rev hound suiting the chameleon like abilities of the normally aspirated 991.1.  The price is £69,900 and the mileage 33,172. Good value I’d say.