Lee Sibley By Lee Sibley 1 month ago

What is your first Porsche memory?

How does your first Porsche memory affect your later Porsche ownership? Andy and Lee discuss with our valued podcast Patreons…

We’re delighted to bring you highlights of a group discussion with our valued Patreons who kindly support the show, with some interesting and funny anecdotes on their first Porsche memories and how these often relate to why we own the cars we do today.

Thank you to the following Patreons for joining us to share their first Porsche memories (you can find them on Instagram):

Paul van der Lowen @jamcecil
Deb Whiting @deb.whiting
Alex Brodie @996c4sblack
James Chew @997.1james
Tody Dyer @tob_today
Paul Pressland @the911goat
Steve Rayner @40fastyears
Tom Montgomery @monty2877

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