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Wrightune braided stainless steel flexible brake lines


About the product

Race proven technology for your road car: Wrightune braided hoses are the best quality braided brake lines on the market today. These high quality braided lines improve pedal feel, response and accuracy, and are especially effective at improved braking performance on older models.

Will fit the following models:
  • 986 
  • 996 (Gen1 and 2)
  • 997 (Gen1 and 2)
  • GT3 1999-2011
  • 996 Turbo
  • 997 Turbo (Gen 1 and 2)

Both the hose and fittings are stainless, the fittings are plated in a unique black finish, adding additional barrier aiding corrosion prevention.
The raw hose features a PTFE liner with stainless steel braid and is designed for brake & clutch applications and are all individually pressure tested to 200 bar after manufacture. The fittings are high-grade stainless steel (303/304 grade) with a plated black coating.

The hoses conform to TUV / DOT / FMVSS106 certification for sale Worldwide.

 At a glance:
- TUV/DOT/FMVSS106 approved: able to sell worldwide, certified for road-use
- Made to Measure: fit-first-time confidence for garages, no additional ramp costs for customer
- 100% pressure tested: failures found before shipping, no time wasted cleaning or inspecting
- Crimped fittings: tamper-proof, permanent attachment to the hose, reduces errors in workshop & increased customer confidence
- Cleaned & dust-capped: no foreign-bodies inside hoses, workshop time reduced
- Stainless steel fittings and hose: reduces corrosion potential, Increases product life for customer 
- Unique jet-black finish: high-quality plating for increased life, looks smart & professional with any calliper or wheel colour combination
- Clearly Labelled: easy for warehousing, no confusion for workshop
- Professional & slimline packaging: smart appearance & reduced freight costs,  increased shelf life as dirt ingress eliminated
- Confidence in Porsche marketplace: Wrightune is recognised by professionals & end-users
- Fittings have 2 corrosion resistant properties, being both stainless and plated